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Dice Shield Tri

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The Dice Shield Tri™ disassembles and stores flat -- you can put it in your game box with your game! The flexible sides come from a clear vinyl band stretched around three laser-cut legs. The base and legs are 3/16" thick clear acrylic, both rigid and durable. Its a great way to take a Dice Shield with you wherever you roll.
The Tri™ comes with three transparent legs, a clear base, plus a clear flexible band for the sides and a sound dampener.
The base is an equilateral triangle (with rounded corners), 8.5" tall and 9.6" wide. The legs provide over 2 inches of space beneath the base and make it east to place the Dice Shield Tri anywhere you need to roll.
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  • Item #: QG1001
  • Format: Acryllic
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Price: $25.00