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Dice Shield Tri - $25.00

The Dice Shield Tri™ disassembles and stores flat -- you can put it in your game box with your game! The flexible sides come from a clear vinyl band stretched around three laser-cut legs. The base and legs are 3/16" thick clear acrylic, both rigid and durable. Its a great way to take a Dice Shield with you wherever you roll.
The Tri™ comes with three transparent legs, a clear base, plus a clear flexible band for the sides and a sound dampener.
The base is an equilateral triangle (with rounded corners), 8.5" tall and 9.6" wide. The legs provide over 2 inches of space beneath the base and make it east to place the Dice Shield Tri anywhere you need to roll.

Item #: QG1001
Status: On Backorder
Price: $25.00
P.E.R.K. Narrator's Screen - $4.99

P.E.R.K. game supplement for Narrators that is full of quick reference charts and information including all of the basic Perks and character creation steps. Can also be used to hide secret information from players.

Item #: BK2002
Status: In Stock
Price: $4.99