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Graveworld Book I: Death Magick (preorder) - $13.95

Have you ever felt as though you didn't belong in this world? Alan Shade has always looked in on his destiny from the outside. But when he finds himself in the land of the dead, he may have to confront a destiny grander and stranger than he ever dreamed - or feared.

Join Alan as he follows ghouls, fairies, and bastethai through a place of living myth and powerful magick, to root out the evil seeking to tear it apart. Can he balance his emerging power against the burdens that remain from his mundane life, or will Graveworld crumble first, taking our world with it? Alan's life is about to begin at last... with his death.

Item #: RZD2001
Status: In Stock
Price: $13.95
Melidora - $13.95

When a girl washes onto the beach half-drowned, she wakes with no memory of what's happened to her, how she survived - or even who she is. She soon finds herself caught in the last war of a dying land, fighting desperately to rediscover herself before she and everything she loves is obliterated completely. Enter Melidora, a kingdom in the teeth of a disease that eradicates memory. Learn the secret history of the Halcyon, Melidora's creatrix, and follow the shipwrecked girl's rise to power over the wolf shadows of the Cradle Spire. Can she stand against the Nixian hordes to save Melidora, or will she be swallowed up and forget herself forever?

Item #: RZD1001
Status: In Stock
Price: $13.95